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Subway Glen Waverly Testimonial

Martin Catania
Glen Waverley

I was introduced to Workplace Training Strategies a little over a year ago. I was very impressed by not only the dedicated team that they have assembled but also by the great outcomes they aim to achieve for both the employer and the trainee. I had tried a number of training organizations in the past with only moderate success and Workplace Training Strategies seemed to be different and fit my needs and goals for my business to a tee. Well one year down the track I was right. The fit is perfect!

Currently I have four groups of staff undergoing training with WTS. From store managers, to assistant managers to senior and junior crew. My entire team are very excited to be part of well organized training that will not only give them skills for life but will add value to our business in many direct and indirect ways. There is a sense of wanting to do the training rather than having to do the training with WTS. That is a big plus!

My managers have almost completed their first training course and the change in my team has been remarkable. Nicola, our managers’ trainer, always gives me feedback on how the training sessions are progressing and any areas that the trainees are excelling or having difficulty in. Nicola is also very proactive in making sure everything is well organized and structured and always makes the training relevant to our business and the managers’ workplace. She also listens to any areas we are having difficulties with our team in the workplace and works with them to help us achieve positive outcomes. She reinforces what we are trying to do in the stores. As a result we have seen our KPI’s starting to improve and our staff turnover rate reduced. To a business owner this is priceless!

I would have no hesitation in recommending Workplace Training Strategies to any business that is very serious about providing quality training to their staff and achieving positive outcomes!

Bakers Delight Testimonial

Bakers Delight
Dromana, Hastings and Somerville

Training is very productive, good turnout of staff, staff have given very positive feedback about the training. Staffs are very eager to attend training. It’s great that Workplace Training Strategies spend the first 30 minutes of the training session on products, new promotions or issues. The trainer is great with the staff. Workplace Training is up to speed with all of Baker Delights promotional and in-house knowledge. Staff feels very comfortable in participating in the training sessions.

Bakers Delight Bentleigh/Bentleigh East Testimonial

Gary Iverson

Workplace Training has assisted to shift our team to a positive inclusive culture within the stores.  The staff have benefited by the focus to continually deliver excellence in customer service and product knowledge which has resulted in increased sales in both stores.

Bakers Delight Carnegie Testimonial

Graeme Grieves

Workplace Training Strategies training that suits my business. The product knowledge part of the session is especially excellent and relevant to my store.  The Group training is fast-paced, providing continuity as staff receive regular contact from the trainer.  The timeframe works perfectly with the store.  The delivery of the program is kept simple, so staff can focus on utilising what they learn.

Bakers Delight Fountain Gate Testimonial

Brett Casey

The Group environment makes it fun, and also we do it with another store and it is has given confidence to my staff to talk and work with people they don’t know.  They have been giving great tips in up selling products, Workplace Training use all our products and systems in the training for our needs as well as suggesting other systems on how to get things done. My staff love attending these sessions and they talk about it all week, they now compete against each other and it has boosted my sales. 

Bakers Delight Southland Testimonial

Peter Laskey

Workplace Training Strategies delivers consistent and continuous calendared workshops have inspired confidence, knowledge and a standard of excellence in servicing our customers.  The training is real with no take home work and relevant to the immediate needs of my store.  They use real day to day examples and offer techniques to ensure my staff are focused on customer service standards and product knowledge to achieve increased sales.

Bakers Delight Elsternwick Testimonial

Suzie McNeill

“After using two other RTO’s it was like a breath of fresh air to meet Charmaine Oliver and learn how Workplace Training Strategies understood our business.  They were professional from day one and made all aspects of training effortless.  I’d like to thank Christine Potter who delivered excellent training and ensured regular communication to ensure all the business needs were met”.

Bakers Delight Chadstone/Oakleigh Testimonial

Rick Jackson

As we are a small and busy business we really felt that that we needed staff who not only provided great customer service, but also had knowledge and an understanding of what was required of them in their roles and responsibilities with us.   Workplace Training has really provided us with the tools to train our staff in not only providing great customer service but to also improve our team building skills and communication skills with each other in a successful manner. We found Workplace Training to be not only approachable when discussing our training needs but to deliver our sessions in a fun and interactive manner. We found them to be highly experienced and knowledgeable and they were also able to provide not only strong support to our trainees but to the employer. Workplace Training has really turned us around and the I can proudly say that not only has our customer service improved greatly but our staff are communicating effectively with each other and it was the best decision we have made for the business.

Bakers Delight Bendigo Marketplace Testimonial

Wayne Connors

I asked Workplace Training Strategies to train 6 of my sales employees in Certificate 111 – Retail.  From the start of our association I found the staff at Workplace to be very co-operative and easy to talk to.  They explained to me as to how the training would be conducted and how they would fit in to the hours that suited my employees, and myself.  Workplace also outlined the Government incentives available and when they would be paid.  This they followed up during the course of the training, and as promised, the incentives were paid on time and directly into my nominated account.  Whenever Marc or Duane were in Bendigo they would arrange to meet with me and discuss how the training was going. My staff started the training in July 2011 and completed the course in November 2011. As mentioned previously the staff at Workplace were very co-operative, but the big plus for both myself and my staff was the teacher. Catherine travelled over from Ballarat and immediately struck up a great working relationship with my staff.  It made it so much easier for my staff to have someone that could relate to them and work with them through any difficult questions.Catherine would arrange to meet all of the staff when it suited them and she would send a text to them 3 days before the training session and then the day before the training session.  All training was conducted after school hours and the duration was generally for 2 – 3 hours.  Catherine would then drive back to Ballarat in the dark and, during winter, in the rain.I noticed immediately an improvement in the confidence of my staff who were doing the training.I will be using Workplace Training Strategies again later this year as my staff numbers “turnover” and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to your workplace.

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